Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here She Comes...Miss American Idol...

I can hardly WAIT!!
The Most Beautiful Girls in the World.

It's a full, big, busy day for these two chicks, Kris Allen and Miss Adam Glambert, ya'll. Mani-pedis (given to each other, no doubt), facials, gettin' their hair and nails did...oh, what FUN! I wish I could be the gal to give them both their cups of Throat Coat (insert your own joke here) with lemon and honey, just so I could hear the squealing.
Seriously (?) though. I adored Miss Adam Glambert's "Mad World" and Kris did a great job on "Ain't No Sunshine". They are both so different from each other and I enjoy them both. (Even though my eye twitches when Miss Adam Glambert screeches with his tongue out--showing just how many voice lessons he's had, because it opens the throat up more. (Ummm...insert another joke of your own here.)
I'll be gettin' my 'lashes did today, but then I'll be GLUED to the newfangled color television set in the rumpus room, fancy drink in hand!
Who are YOU rooting for???

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