Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby Kangaroo, Rooby!

Sweet little Rooby
Rooby, all bundled and Vaselined up.

This sweet little joey named Rooby was rejected and ejected from the pouch by her mama and is now being cared for by staff at the Winnepeg zoo.

CBS News

"Staff at the Assiniboine Park Zoo hospital are hopping-busy caring for a baby red kangaroo.

The four-month-old female joey, named Rooby by zoo staff, was recently found lying helpless on the floor of its enclosure after being ejected from the pouch of one of the adult females.

Weighing just 560 grams, she would have little chance of survival out of the pouch at this early age, according to zoo veterinarian Dr. Chris Enright.

Rooby would also be dependant on her mother’s milk inside the pouch for up to a year, so staff members have been providing feedings of milk formula every three hours, around the clock."

When not feeding, Rooby spends most of the time sleeping soundly, nestled in a soft towel within a cloth bag, which substitutes for her mother’s pouch, according to the zoo."

Forpitysake! The zoo staff are even rubbing her down with loads of Vaseline to keep her delicate skin nice and moist, like it would have been in her mother's pouch.

I thought we needed a sweet story today...


Annette said...

Not cute! Looks like a flayed rabbit. EEEEk!! And all that for what ends up in dog food in Australia.

DivaJulia said...

I'm dying laughing. And YOU would know about flayed rabbit--what's for din-din?

Annette said...

hihi! - no flayed rabbit on the menu tonight. In fact i don't deserve dinner tonight i've eaten half a packet of delicious 'Roomboter Stroopwafels' (dutch is such a silly language - i'll email u a photo!)