Thursday, May 21, 2009

The New American Idol Is--(drumroll...) KRIS ALLEN?

Stunned Kris Allen, and a very gracious Adam Lambert
"This belongs to Adam", Kris Allen

Holy crap, ya'll. You wouldn't BELIEVE the fury on Twitter last night when Kris Allen's name was announcedas "American's New American Idol" instead of Miss Adam Glambert. I mean, I was totally (sorta?) shocked as much as anyone, but these people were losing their shit over this upset. The words "homophobia" and "conspiracy" were being thrown about like the confetti that rained on the stage at the Kodak Theatre.

I have a couple of opinions on all of this controversy. First and formost: Adam Lambert IS BETTER OFF LOSING. This way he doesn't have to comply with the pablum-bland treacle that the "Idol" producers were make him release on his album. (Oh, and two words: JENNIFER HUDSON.)

Secondly, I certainly HOPE this wasn't some sort of sick homophobic movement of sorts. I would seriously think that in today's world...oh, who am I kidding? Look what happened with Proposition 8 in California, banning gay marriage. It's been rumored that conservative organizations and certain Utah-based folks (ahem) pumped loads of money into the pot to ensure that gays did not receive equal rights, so why couldn't the same happen with something like "American Idol"? Let's discuss this. I'd love your input on all this "grassy knoll, second-gunman" consipracy.

Anyway. Kris Allen was very good, but even he was shocked--if not chagrined by his win, saying that "this belongs to Adam". I don't believe I've ever heard another "Idol" winner say that about another contestant.

So yeah. WOW.

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The Zimmerman Gang said...

I actually just liked Kris better. But I said the same thing last~who doesn't win is better off because they can do their own thing. Chris Daughtry doesn't seem to have done too badly for himself. He didn't even make it to the finals.