Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's an Honor Just to be Nominated?

Of course it's an honor..but I'd love your votes, ya'll. I ain't too proud to beg.


Click on 'em, babies! xoxo ~j

p.s. Oh, HELL yeah, I'm still begging. ;)


Collegegirl said...

Yes it is an honour to be nominated. Your blog worth even more than that. Nice posts u have..I love the contents . I am so proud to vote for this beautiful blog. I VOTED FOR YOU, I hope many friends like Danaty, Freearticle, Fengshui, chinafan, freearticle will Vote for u. I hope you will grace me with your precious Vote.Just copy this link to your browser

Annette said...

OK- i voted in all 3 categories - You deserve it.