Saturday, May 9, 2009

Best Mother's Day Movie EVER--"Raising Arizona"

Ohman. This movie. Holly Hunter and Nicolas Cage have NEVER been better or funnier. Patrick and I don't go ONE. SINGLE. DAY. without quoting from it--and that has been the routine for a good 10 years now. And yes, we drive people insane. (Because WE think it's funny every time.) We don't just quote it; we do the voices and act it out right in the middle of a conversation that has NOTHING to do with the move. I really think Patrick and I could do a two woman (heh) show, with us both doing ALL of the characters.

If you get a chance, rent it, buy it...LOVE it,


"Mind ya don't cut yerself, Mordechai."

Oh, don't get me going...

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