Friday, May 29, 2009

My Readers - Sans Fard!!


Check out these gorgeous women! They were kind enough to send me photos of themselves without make-up (sans fard!). We are forever seeing stars caught without make-up, and they are completely frightening!

These women show TRUE BEAUTY. I'm impressed.


Annette said...

Aggggghhhhh - the other 2 do anyway.

Annette said...

I thought i'd click it again to see if it was as bad as it looked the first time - it is. Yuk.

DivaJulia said...

Shut your cake hole. You are GORGEOUS. And now you've identified yourself! HAHAHAAA!

Annette said...

awwww shite. In my defence (or not) that photo isn't recent. I look even worse now without the slap!

Stuart said...

I will say that, in knowing #2, she can never again say that she doesn't look good without make-up because it's just not true. All three ladies look lovely. All the women I've ever dated were sans fard, I much prefer it that way. So ha!