Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Proposition 8 - Decision NOT Overturned

SAN FRANCISCO - The state Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage, but also decided that the estimated 18,000 gay couples who wed before the law took effect will stay married.

The news today that California's ban on gay marriage has made me just plain sad. As you all are aware, I have many gay friends who are so dear to my heart. I attended my sweet friends, Tim and James's ceremony here in Washington State a couple of years ago...and as lovely as it was, we all knew it wasn't legally binding. To think these two people, who are every much in love with each other as Stephen and I are, but cannot have the same rights we do is shameful.

I'm not saying anything new here on this subject. We all know what's going on, and it's not okay. It's just not.

Visit www.noh8campaign.com to find out more about how you can make your silence heard.

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