Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bleaching a 3 year old's hair? Really, Gwen?

Gwen Stefani with her now blonde son, Kingston.

Gwen seems not as happy
with a brown-haired accessory. Sad.

I think I'm crabby about the people I write about today--celebrities in general. Is there REALLY a good reason to bleach your three year-old's hair?? "Oh, Mummy. I want hair JUST LIKE YOURS". As IF. I'm growing very weary of these oh, so fabulous celebrity moms parading their dolled-up little accessories around for the cameras.

I'm sure as long and as often as Gwen has been bleaching HER hair, she's had a scalp-burn or two. Way to ruin your toddler's hair, you idiot.

Can you see the sour look on my face and hear my heavy, disapproving sigh?

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