Sunday, May 31, 2009

Britney Looking Posh? No.

You can take the girl outta
the trailer park, but....

Can we all just begin referring to her as "Trailer Posh"? Britney Jean wouldn't know the definition of "posh" even if Victoria Beckham slapped her across the face. If I may present my case before the Court:

Exhibit A - Black nylons with a white dress

Exhibit B - White shoes with black nylons

Wrong and wrong. I don't believe for one second we can blame her "stylist" on the fashion faux pas. I can just hear Britney bossin' those folks around, "ya'll...I always wore it lak this! I look jus' lak Princiss Diyaaaana!!"

"Demurely dressed in a vintage Givenchy frock with a matching wide-brimmed hat, Britney Spears could have easily passed for one of the society girls who frequent polo matches." As IF.

Oh, Britney. I can't see just how scuffed up the back of those white heels are, but I know they are indeed...scuffed up, ya'll.

Thanks, Annette!


Annette said...

My pleasure Julia - love how you can get into her head and know what she's saying - so funny!!

Jilly said...

LMAO!! Before I even read ur comments, my first thought was "What the HELL was she thinking?" Black nylons...white dress...white trash is more like it!!