Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today's Blind Item: 80's and 90's Style!

Via CDaN:

So, for today I thought we would shoot back in time just a little. Not going to go back to Old Hollywood. We are just going back to those carefree days of the late 80's and early 90's. This A list female entertainer has had an amazing life. She has done just about everything possible in the entertainment world and is one of the most influential entertainers ever. Back in the day, our A lister had just gone through a very messy divorce. But, our actress had needs and loved, loved trolling the Lower East Side of Manhattan for Hispanic guys in her chauffeured driven limo. On one of her forays she found a 17 year old Hispanic guy and took him back to her place where she kept him for a few days until she grew tired of him. Well, it turns out that she gave this teenage boy the gift that keeps on giving. The Herp. Yep. Well, a few months later, our A lister was trolling the same neighborhood and people from the teenager's family recognized the car and before anyone could do anything all of his family pelted her car with trash from their garbage cans. Seems appropriate.

Wow. "Gonna dress you up in my herp....all over, all over". I love that song. I totally heard about this YEARS ago...a certain old blonde with lots of ambition used to creep around Alphabet City in a limo lookin' for Latin boys. I just never heard about the herp part of it. Figures. And I'm surprised that's all she's got. Ewww.

Sorry, Boys.


Annette said...

That's a juicy bit of gossip if ever there was - so that explains the hairy old hide the herpes.

DivaJulia said...

This is the first thing I am welcomed with this morning?? Hairy old flaps...Jesus H., Annette! HAHAHHAAAA!