Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh, Katie Holmes. (And Stinkfoot...)

WHO is this again??
Why is a 12-year old scruffy boy
carrying Stinkfoot around?

Because that's how CrazyAssTomCruise likes his "women", know'msayin'? There are so many things wrong with the second picture, I just don't even know where on earth to begin.

1.) The knee-length, baggy jeans shorts.

2.) The scraggly-ness of BOTH of these females. What the GDH?? I remember when I was in high school and my hair was growing out from a gawd-awful perm and THIS is what it looked like. I was embarrassed to show my head in public--and I was 16. I went to high school in Southern California; a gorgeous school a couple of blocks from the beach. I mention this to indicate just how MUCH I didn't fit in with all of the perfectly tanned, beautiful, blonde and athletic chicks. I was scrawny, brunette and never, EVER had a date.

My POINT is: Katie Holmes is turning into that very kind of dork...but I think she's being forced into it by that freak she's married to--just look at that tremendous photo of her pre-Cruisey-Scientology. NOT. THE. SAME. PERSON.

3.) STINKFOOT IS BAREFOOT. The toes might be a little bit aired out, but you just know they are still rancid.

I'd love to hear what you guys think. My hair is on fire over the demise of Katie's spirit, and perhaps her will to live.

Someone. Anyone. Help Katie.

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busybee said...

GOD! she looks gorgeous in that top pic