Monday, January 19, 2009

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Look Ridiculous at Sundance.

Dude and his wife; oh, for God's sake...

Where to begin? Since when does Ashton Kutcher (aka "Dude") look like StupidJoshHartnett, for one thing? The loose-fitting stocking hat with a suit? Not even my love, David Beckham tries that one (just try his unnecessary scarf next time, Dude.)

Here's what I hear in my head when I look at this picture: "Dude! I wantcha to meet my cool Aunt DiDi--she just got divorced from my cool Uncle Bruno, and I wanna show her the town! I KNOW! She's pretty hot for an old..I mean YEAH! She's HOT. Let's get her wasted...huh-huh...huh-huh."

I have NO PROBLEM whatsoever with a younger man marrying an, um, ollllder woman. At all. I just feel they should somehow match a little better. Know'msayin'?

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