Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Sick of These Headaches, Dude.

The lab that processes my blood-work,
Gory close-up of the inside of my arteries.

Bleh. I'm eating right--(MORE spinach!) , exercising again (sorta) and I keep waking up with these god-awful headaches. My doctor took me off EVERYTHING I was taking in terms of hormones and vitamin supplements so I could have a good blood work-up next month. He told me to be prepared for some "discomfort and irritability". Awesome. I can't sleep properly because I'm so hot and cold and am generally pretty crabby.
Please. I'm begging you guys. Any suggestions for relief?
Oh, and my cholesterol is 320. Sweet! Wait...what!?


Jilly said...

I can't believe your cholesterol is that high. I've seen how you eat and you put me to shame, healthy eating wise.
And the cheesecake pix: that was cruel!!
How much longer til your checkup?

DivaJulia said...

Oh, it's that high, Jilly. Apparently it's hereditary. Cool. My blood pressure is LOW, though. My next blood draw/appt. is next month. Maybe Patrick can come with me so he can have a good laugh. He should be here then for a visit.

Jilly said...

I'm sending good positive thoughts for your Dr. visit. My BP is also low...God knows what my cholesterol is now...since I can't eat ANYTHING. Screw the Atkins diet, bread is my only friend right now. Grrrrr!
Hope your visit with Patrick is uplifting for both of you. I can see the tears falling already.
Hugs sweetie.