Saturday, January 10, 2009

Joe Francis and Larry Flynt Have Got Some Balls!

Hilariously Photoshopped--I HOPE!

"Adult-entertainment moguls Joe Francis and Larry Flynt said Wednesday that they are asking Congress for a $5 billion federal bailout. The heads of porn are claiming that the porn industry is suffering hard from the soft economy.

Francis, who is behind the ”Girls Gone Wild” series, said in a phone interview that this is not a publicity stunt:

“The government’s handing out money to the auto industry,” Francis, producer of the “Girls Gone Wild” video series, said on the phone from his Santa Monica office. “Why shouldn’t it hand some to an industry the nation could not live without?”

The request is being made in a letter to Representative Barney Frank and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Of all the Congressmen to write to for this request, why would they pick Frank who came out in 1987 as the first prominent openly gay politician? "
It seems only fair, really...what with Americans losing their homes and their shirts (and pants).

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