Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brad, Angelina and Kids Fly to Japan? My Head Hurts.

The Jolie-Pitt clan arriving in Japan
Knox, still in shock that Brad is his dad

Lips, lips, LIPS! Vivienne in her mom's arms

Stop what you're doing and just imagine for a second if you will, a flight from Los Angeles to Japan--with SIX children, two of whom are six months old. Holy crap. Now, I realize these photos don't show the half-dozen nannies Brad and Angelina employ to assist with their litter of pups, but somehow I doubt those two just hand them off once they reach their seats.
Umm. No wonder Brad tried to smuggle a beer...
Sunday night Brad Pitt was seen exiting from a SAG Awards after-party, according to the NY Daily News:

“Brad took off after the awards with a bottle of beer in hand,” says a second eyewitness. “But before he could drive off with it, the beer was taken from him. He was really gracious when his ‘road soda’ was taken, though.”
Oh, Brad.

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