Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick to Divorce?

Is that Sarah Jessica's kid or Kate Hudson's?
Matti Broderick, with his darling new handbag
and a smartly knotted, jaunty scarf!

We all knew this was in the works, didn't we? Sarah Jessica Parker has finally had ENOUGH of Matthew Broderick's shit. Now, I KNOW there are rumors going around that he's, um, a (gasp!) homosexual. I like to think my gay-dar is really, really good. All I get from Matthew is dork-dar. (That's not to say he's isn't possibly queer--it's just that his dork gene is more dominant.)

"Star magazine is breaking the story that Sarah Jessica Parker is getting screwed over by husband of eleven years, Matthew Broderick. The tab says that while SJP was off filming the Sex and the City movie, Matt was getting it on with a 25-year-old redhead."

So yeah. Word on the street is that SJP is moving out, after finding out that Matthew cheated on her with a "redhead". "Redhead" like Molly Ringwald or "redhead" like Clay Aiken?

As for their son, that may have been his last care-free Christmas. Lovely.

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