Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kate Bosworth and That Forehead

That's about a SEVEN-head right there.
Kate, still thin back in the day, but not
blindingly so.

I don't even know if Kate's dress is ugly or not because I can't stop staring at that HEAD of her's. I know an anorexic/bulimic when I see one...and I SEE one in Kate.

Clearly, she's losing hair along with precious body mass.

Sometimes, like today, I have trouble making fun of pictures like this. Now that I've given up meat and consume more vegetables that I ever have, I'm totally obsessing about food. I love nothing more than reading a MENU, or finding out what Barack Obama is having for his "last meal" before he's sworn in.

New England Lobster Bisque en Croute
Porcini Dusted Petit Fillet, Port Wine Demi, Complemented with Seared Sundried Tomato Scented Escolar Basil Emulsion
Sea Salt Roasted Tricolor Fingerling Potatoes
Winter Baby Vegetables
Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream

Isn't that just beautiful? Crazy stuff. It's almost like porn for me...a nasty habit that I can't do without...but yet, I see that maybe I should stop eating altogether again (I can feel my ribs now!). I think this must be "ED" screwing with me. I don't expect most of you to "get" where I'm coming from, because you guys are mentally HEALTHY, right? It's a constant battle. I can't have a conversation without mentioning how "fat" I am now. Perhaps, too, it's because I'm coming up on my one-year anniversary of being shipped off to Casa Palmera. Shit, I don't know.

So yeah. I feel for ya, Kate.


Jilly said...

I feel so bad for your suffering. I can't even imagine...although I myself have also been meatless for awhile now...and not by choice.
Just a comment on The Obama's dinner: WTF is "Seared sundried Tomato Scented Escolar Basil Emulsion"? Apparently I don't get out enough!!
I know what you mean about the menu as porn!!

DivaJulia said...

I think it's fancy-talk for a tomato sauce of sorts. Heh.

Annette said...

"meatless and not by choice"....i actually interpreted that as "no man in my life right now"....but i have a dirty mind - sorry!!

Jilly said...

lol Annette. That is partially true. I have a man in my life, but he lives 300 miles away!! So, I guess you CAN say I'm meatless, haha!!