Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ryan Seacrest is a Complete Idiot. The End.

Seacrest attempts a "high five" with a blind dude.

Seacrest being ignored by Brad and Angie on
Sunday night's Golden Globes' red carpet event. Heh.

Ryan Seacrest is a douche. He wouldn't be where he is right this second had it not been for a relationship (read: spoon-fed career) with closeted (though visible) gay, Merv Griffin. I'm going to use the "I have it on good authority" line again on this statement: Ryan was Merv's "boy" back in the day. Lots of people know this--and now YOU do, too. Seadouche is always saying he wants to be "the next Merv Griffin or Dick Clark"...I don't think those two have these kind of embarrassing moments on their resumes. Did you see how he practically knocked Beyonce` over to run down the stairs to get the brush-off of his life from Brad and Angie? That's called YouTube GOLD, my friends. Good luck getting Bey to chat with you next time, a-hole.

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