Thursday, January 8, 2009

Paltrow and her StupidGOOP

That is one hideous ensemble, dude.
Have I mentioned that I hate Paltrow? Oh. Well. It certainly bears repeating. I effing despise her. I torture myself by subscribing to her inane blog called "GOOP". She should have just called it "BLEH", as it's so irritating with its "I'm a vegan, but I do enjoy dining on a fine roasted turkey...DON'T QUESTION ME ABOUT MY EATING HABITS, YOU PLEBIAN A-HOLES!" dynamic. And NOW she has the nerve to bring ME into her sinister web of snootiness:

"I think we all begin the new year with thoughts of things we would like to improve, learn, be more disciplined about, cut out of our diets. In January 2007 I decided I’d had enough of my saddlebags and post-pregnancy Shar-Pei-like stomach. I met an incredible woman who changed my life. Her name is Tracy Anderson. She is a dancer, a trainer, an "organic plastic surgeon" as my friend Julia calls her. Her program works but you have to work it. For real. Right now she is on tour with Madonna so I do a lot of video chat with her and I do her DVDs. Every once in a while she sends me a little movie to change something up. She sent me this one for the New Year's butt. It’s really hard. But do it like she says to do it and I swear that in ten days you will see your butt change shape. I do it with 1 lb. ankle weights and then I do her Dance Aerobics DVD. Some days I hate it, some days I love it, but above all, I stick with it. The sticktoitivness is what it is all about."

First of all? I hate the word "sticktoitiveness". Secondly? Don't drag ME into your pile of "cleansing" crap. Paltrow has some nerve referring to me as her "friend". We haven't been friends since she was with Brad Pitt. As StupidTomCruise said about "Nic" Kidman: "She knows what she did".

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