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Follow-up on Jett Travolta's Horrible Death...Long One, Guys.

John Travolta kissing Jett's "nanny" on the mouth

"Police in the Bahamas are disagreeing with John Travolta's staff in the wake of the New Year's Day death of his son Jett, 16, at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel about how long the teenager lay undiscovered in the bathroom.
Police are reporting that Jett was left alone for more than ten hours from when he was last seen heading to his bedroom at the Travolta's vacation townhouse at 6 PM after a day of boating with his family. Jett's nanny, Jeff Kathrein, reportedly found Jett lying on the bathroom floor at 11:30 PM, TMZ reports.
Jett Travolta, who was disabled, was nonverbal and required the use of a baby monitor and a special chime to summon his two male nannies if required.
Kathrein and the Travolta's attorney, Michael McDermott, says that Kathrein went to the bathroom in the time span between 6 PM when Jett left the room and 11:30 PM when his body was discovered so Jett was reportedly not unattended for ten hours.
The teenager is alleged to have possibly had a seizure and struck his head, which could have caused his death. McDermott also reports that Jett was known to sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day so him not being present for a long period of time would not have been unusual.
The official cause of death will be reported by the coroner on Monday."
The day after it broke the story, TMZ followed up with word of a police investigation and pointing out conflicts between the Travoltas and investigators in the timeline preceding Jett's death. The Travoltas' nannies say Jett went to sleep at 6 p.m. on Jan. 1, and was discovered when one of the caretakers, Jeff Kathrein, awoke the next morning to find the teen unconscious on the bathroom floor. The police say Jett was last seen entering the bathroom at 11:30 p.m. — meaning he was undiscovered for up to 10 hours following his seizure. Naturally the Travolta camp went on the offensive, arguing that it was likely a second trip to the bathroom — after the caretakers were asleep — during which Jett collapsed."

I have been sniffing around the Anonymous (anti-Scientology) website. Among the "religion's" detractors are former-members. I found this particular post quite informational and interesting:

Scientology and the death of Jett Travolta.

"The news of the tragic death of Jett Travolta today is a sad event indeed.My sincere condolences go to the whole family and I hope they can somehow eventually turn this situation into something positive in the medium-long term. Life has ways of bringing the sunshine back after dark clouds have lifted.For those fans and media who will be trying to come to a real understanding of what will happen with the John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Scientology with regard to this, I can offer some educated guesses based on a very long term (24 years) devoted experience and membership in Scientology. [NOTE: I left Scientology in 1997 after severe "irreconcilable differences" prevented me from wanting to continue, so I am not a proponent of Hubbard or of Scientology now. Indeed, I sued Scientology for fraud and other matters in 1998, but my extensive experiences of how things work in the cult are still intact and I doubt that Scientologists will be very open to providing such information to the media or public].The vast majority of people will have no idea what this kind of thing will probably entail as far as Scientology style "follow up" is concerned.Firstly, information about what the family is doing will most likely be curtailed or cut.Scientology spokespeople will very likely give out generalized "press releases" through lawyers or PR personnel that will give no real substance for informing the public.Secondly, the questions that have arisen about whether the anti-drug/anti-pharmaceutical tenets of Scientology might possibly have actually prevented Jett from receiving proper medical treatment or preventative assistance will be downplayed, denied, ridiculed and/or harshly criticized to try to get attention off the issue as fast as possible. This aspect, however, may not just "go away". It is a question of life or death, after all...Thirdly, the family will very likely go to Clearwater, Florida (or maybe have Scientology professionals come to their Florida home, but this is far less likely) to the Oak Cove building and/or Sandcastle Hotel for what Scientology calls "handlings". These handlings will very likely entail the following;

0. Meeting with the staff member who deals with grieving people to cover physical details of a funeral and/or a memorial. Then those arrangements would be planned and carried out. The liaison would probably be done the current celebrity handler who would be a high ranking Sea Organization member.

1.Ethics interviews and associated procedures. (Scientology's "Division 1" services.)This aspect of services would look into the unfortunate and tragic event of Jett's death being a possible result of some kind of personal ethics breach or lack of integrity by the parents. In particular the individual parents would have separate interviews about their own role in the tragedy or how come they "pulled in" (a Scientology ethics jargon term) such an awful situation by something in their own behavior. The Scientology celebrity ethics officer would also actively look for one or more people in the Travoltas' circle of friends, acquaintances who might be antagonistic to or even anti-Scientology and who could have had sufficient negative influence to "cause" such a tragedy. That person would then be the target of possible disconnection (shunning), firing or lawsuit/fair game. There would be many steps possible for John and Kelly coming out of the "Ethics" handlings, and these could not be predicted here.***It is worthy of note that the potential question of NOT giving proper or adequate medication would not be considered a Scientology ethics violation due to L.Ron Hubbard's indoctrination to avoid such medical or psychological types of treatment. In fact, the failure to give doctor-recommended drugs or medications to Jett might factually be considered to be a laudable Scientology ethics matter.***

2.Correction interviews and procedural steps (Scientology's "Division 5" services).These steps, sometimes called "Review" would be services designed to address any failures of John or Kelly (and/or Jett's caretaker, as I believe he is a Scientologist) to have properly applied relevant Scientology technologies to their son or his living situation within the family. Any strictly Scientology-dictated ways of living that are detected as to having been omitted or misapplied would have to be re-studied and drilled till they become second nature.

3.Technical sessions ("auditing") (Scientology's "Division 4" services. This would be some very expensive counseling sessions and personal programs designed to remove, if possible, all the negative emotions from this awful tragedy. This can cost up to $1000 an hour. The outcome of this step is varied in its success and can take weeks or months to complete.

*******************************************A more cynical prediction: I would also comfortably estimate that Scientology, as an organization, would attempt to get the maximum financial and public relations benefit from this horrible tragedy. It will be interesting to watch how they go about doing this. In any case the organization through its spokespeople will tend to avoid truth, responsibility and facts. It will also use the media without being of any real service to the media. Hubbard hated journalists almost as much as he hated psychologists, doctors and psychiatrists. By: Michael Pattinson, former Scientologist"
And now, it's being reported that Jett's autopsy findings will not be "made public". That's fine. I just hope the police are privvy to the results.
"The Ministry of Health in the Bahamas tells TMZ the autopsy findings in the death of John Travolta's son may never be public.Dr. Hubert Minnis says a pathologist at Rand Memorial Hospital (where Jett Travolta was pronounced dead) is currently performing the autopsy, which should take several hours. Dr. Minnis says he personally decided, because of the high profile nature of the case, to bring in a second pathologist from Nassau, Dr. Karen Sands. Dr. Minnis made a point to us that Dr. Sands is an American.The doctor says once the pathologists complete a preliminary report, it's forwarded on to a coroner. The coroner then forwards the completed report to the Travolta/Preston family. Dr. Minnis says only the family has authority to release the findings to the public. No word if that will happen."

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