Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chelsy Has HAD it With Prince Harry!

Chelsy and Harry. All Done.

Prince Harry and his on/off girlfriend of five years Chelsy Davy have called it quits, according to News of the World:

"Last night a senior source close to the prince confirmed the split and insisted the pair parted “amicably“ because the relationship had, “simply run its course”.Meanwhile Chelsy’s friends were rallying around her after the meltdown of her fiery romance.One told us: “She has simply had enough. They have been going through what she calls a ‘rough patch’ and she didn’t see the point in going on.”Sources close to Chelsy say she feels “betrayed” by Harry’s constant flirting.“There has been talk of other girls—but Harry denied it. Chelsy felt it was time to call it a day,” said the pal."
So, it seems cutie-pie Harry has been up to what Patrick and I refer to as, "The No Good". Heh. He's naughty.
If Alex is my "Prince William", my youngest son Hunter, is totally Prince Harry. When we were looking for a name for him when I was pregnant, it was going to be "Hunter" or nothing at all. Just "Baby". (Hmm, now that I think about it every single one of his girlfriends has called him "Baby"...) ANYWAY. The new definition of the name Hunter isn't "one who hunts"; it's "handsome rogue". I could NOT have chosen a better name for that one. If we swap Harry's reluctant military service and royal position with Hunter's musician/model persona, they are one in the same. Inappropriate and up to The No Good...but irresistable all the same. (Hunter sounds more like Russell Brand now that I think about it.)
Here is some more blatant nepotism...

Oh, Hunter.

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