Sunday, January 4, 2009

So. On a Lighter Note...Resolutions, Anyone??

2009, Bitches!

I mean it, you guys. I want to know YOURS if I have to tell you MINE. I've never made a New Year's Resolution in my life. EVER. I always thought it was lame. But it seems that I'm joining in on the fun this time. You know, since I went to a NYE party, had a hangover for two days straight and all, why NOT make a couple of resolutions?

1.) Go Veggie!! I told you about that yesterday. Yes, still with the fish and bacon allowed. Is that line getting old yet? It's still funny to me.

By the way, the tofu last night was delicious! I prefer it to chicken in my pad thai, actually! It's almost time for my salad sammie!

2.) Get off my fat ass and MOVE. I don't care HOW...just stop sitting so much. I took The Big Walk (down our giant hilly street, all through town and back up again--pant, pant) today with Stephen and the pups. My tailbone has stopped hurting...YAY! This leads to Number Three...

3.) Limit my time on the laptop. This will probably be the hardest. I mean, what if I miss a nuclear meltdown between Sam and Lindsay? I need to be on TOP of that shit. The first two Resolutions are CAKE compared to this one. Yikes.
Okay, YOUR turn!!

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