Monday, January 19, 2009

Tom Cruise - "As a Child, I Dreamed of Killing Hitler"...Awwwwww, How DARLING!

Now eyepatches are all the rage!
“I always wanted to kill Hitler, I hated him,” Cruise, 46, said. “As a child studying history and looking at documents (seriously, what KIND of documents are we talking about here, Tom?), I wondered, ‘why didn’t someone stand up and try to stop it?’ When I read the script, it was entertaining and informative to know what the challenges were and what it was like to be in the environment.”

Oh, Tom. Do you really expect us to believe that as a child you used to daydream of "killing Hitler"? It's as if you want credit for his death simply by saying you wish you could have killed him. Huh?

You just want us to forget about how in reality as a child you ,G.I. Joe and Ken had "innocent" sleep-overs while you referred to Barbie as "Barb", made her cut her hair off and get super-skinny and...oh. Wait.


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