Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh, Victoria Beckham...

Posh needs a new make-up artist something FIERCE.

"The L.A. Galaxy star is on loan to AC Milan for a bit and this past weekend, Becks with wife Vicky accompanied the team to Dubai.
The clan got all dolled up for a dinner at the Harbour Hotel and Posh put on her finest new frock, a big pouffy number. "

So here's my darling David Beckham with wifey, Victoria. I love that he's all casual in a polo shirt, forpitysake, and she's in a cocktail dress--holding a glass of champagne that's shaped exactly like her. I feel that if she toppled over, she might just shatter, too. Victoria's looking a bit too "Orange County" in colour (like my fancy spelling just for her?) if you ask me.

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