Thursday, January 15, 2009

Britney's New House is Too Big

"Check out my big, fancy house, ya'll!"
Brit's new 10,000 sq. foot home

This is where Brit will smoke her ciggies.
"It LOOKS like it's outside, ya'll!"

Everyone should have a garage with a car elevator.

"The over-the-top House Of Dreams features every conceivable luxury.
The custom designed estate features more than 10,000 square feet of living space for Britney to relax.

The gardens will give her young sons more than an acre to run around in as they play in the rose garden and swim in the glass mosaic pool.
All the interiors are built from the finest limestone, marble, walnut hardwood parquet and plank flooring, imported European stone mosaics and limestone fireplaces.

Guests can stay in a private retreat before joining the star in the large soundproof cinema fitted out with the finest technology.
Elevators with stone mosaic flooring and millwork link the living areas to the guest suite - which includes a living room, kitchen, bedroom and large walk in steam shower."

Britney has her sons for a couple days during the week and every other weekend, or something like that. I'm certainly not saying she should live in some West Hollywood duplex, but jeez...10,000 square feet, Britney? Seriously?

Well, maybe she can sneak some big boys in to play with once in awhile when Daddy Jamie isn't lookin'.

1 comment:

Jilly said...

That house looks like it is smack in the middle of the Vegas wasteland...yuck.
Sorry Brit; I've got to have beauty outside as well as in the GD house!!