Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes LOVE Plastic Surgery! Oh, and Tom Dreamed of Moscow as a Child! Yeeeesh.

Captain Scientology at the Moscow premiere of "Valkyrie"
Tom, pre-"tightening"?

Katie with her famous pinched half-smile
Katie, pre-"Cruise-iness"

Cosmetic surgery website http://www.makemeheal.com/ reports these interesting tidbits regarding Tom and Katie:
"As Tom Cruise ages he seems to grow younger with each year. After his latest film Valkyrie hit theatres and he and wife Katie Holmes hit the red carpet, Make Me Heal noticed that the Top Gun star looked more refreshed than he had in years, leading us to suspect plastic surgery.

In the past, Make Me Heal has noted changes in the size and shape of 46-year old Tom’s nose.

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia says, “I’ve seen images of him as a younger man. He seems to have had a nose or two.”
Since meeting Cruise, 28-year old Holmes has transformed into a striking, sophisticated Hollywood leading lady, a far cry from her wholesome, girl-next-door look of Dawson’s Creek. Holmes has blossomed into a pretty woman and her new nasal addition makes her look more mature. Dr. Youn adds “Her nose looks more sleek now, and this makes her look more mature, more adult. I do think her old nose fits with her face well, making her look like a “Midwest girl-next-door” type. The newer nose makes her look more “Hollywood.”

Katie Holmes’ new look has caused gossip folk to buzz about other possible procedures in the mix, including cheek implants and a brow lift. "

HA! I knew it!

Now can we address Tom's "childhood dream of visiting Moscow"? Let me get this straight (**cough cough**). Are we to believe that this weird kid, raised by a divorced mom and sister Lee Ann, was up in his room plotting to kill an already dead Hilter while working on an itinerary to Russia? Oh. Okaay. What a goon.

Please refer to my post earlier in the month regarding Tom, G.I. Joe and Barbie's ("Barb's") man, Ken. I stand by those statements.

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