Monday, January 19, 2009

Brad and Angelina in Berlin...Hmmm.

Angie, in a suit made by "Matronly" with
Brad and his unnecessary scarf.
The one thing I love about Angie's look:
The dramatic, single-earring.

"It has been a hit around the world, and earlier this evening (January 19) “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” hit Berlin, Germany with a star-studded premiere.
Star Brad Pitt was looking dapper at the swanky event, sporting a dark suit with a wool scarf, while his lady Angelina Jolie mixed things up with a white pants suit and a funky half-up hairdo."
And honestly. How do we feel about his hairdo? I saw it and thought she must be wearing this style for a film about an aging Texas oil-magnant's widow. Turns out, she did this for reals at the Berlin premiere of ...Benjamin Button. Yikes.

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