Monday, January 19, 2009

Miley Cyrus? Complete White-Trash Idiot. Oh, and Nice Outift.

America's Slutheart

I have a new category for the blog: Complete Idiot. Here I am again, disgusted with myself for even mentioning this chick. (No, she is NOT a "little girl", so don't even try to correct me. Little girls do not "date" (read: fornicate) 20 year old underwear models, and dress like a really inexpensive hooker, ya got that?

Nice combo, by the way. Tights from the "Courtney Love Collection" combined with Sam Edelman cobalt blue boots. And is that a Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt? Awesome. Bleh.


Ky ~ Surfa Chic,Army Wife and Mom said...

LMAOOOOOOOOOO i so love it ok imade a page..whats my url hahahaha

Ky ~ Surfa Chic,Army Wife and Mom said...

ok i got it now hahhahaha

cartermagna said...

Julia. You know I care for you very much and admire your forthright views and opinions but I think there is one thing we need to get straight.

Skynyrd are cool. No question asked no quarter given. ;o)

DivaJulia said...

Carter, love. If I have to bash your beloved Skynyrd to get you to comment, so be it. WHERE have you been?

Jilly said...

Ugh! What is the big deal with that little skank? And who is dressing her nasty-ass these days.
Like the Skynyrd T-Shirt, BTW!!

cartermagna said...

Sorry sweets, been busy doing bugger all in a post christmas/new year pity hole. Me and my flat mate cleaned the place up on Saturday and were pleasantly surprised to find we liked the colour of the carpet in the front room!

I shall endeavour to post more, scour the blogosphere more and, here's my favourite bit, escape to Dipped In Cream where all the cool kids hang out and bitch about celebs and stuff xx