Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lindsay is Getting Really Skinny and Ali Hates Her.

Lindsay and li'l sis, Ali Lohan

This picture kills me. Check out Ali...first of all, she's PISSED that the paps aren't interested in her in the least and looks as though she's texting someone about just how pissed off she is about it all. "God, I H8 her!"

Lindsay seems to have a bag of her new diet: ciggies, vodka and cocaine, judging by the circumference of her limbs.

And lastly, I know it's been said many times by other people--but not me yet: Ali looks like she's 35 years old. She's 15! Can you even believe it?

Lindsay at 15 on the left, and Ali at 15 on the right...WHAT??

What the HELL?? What 15 year old looks like this? She has a world-weary appearance as though she's been a chain-smoking cocktail waitress for 25 years and still looks sorta hot...when you're drunk.

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