Saturday, January 10, 2009

John Travolta Cancels Golden Globes Appearance

John Travolta not attending The Golden Globes

US Magazine reports that ..."John Travolta, who is mourning the death of his 16-year-old son Jett, has canceled his appearance at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards, his rep tells
The actor -- whose latest movie, Bolt, is nominated for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song for his duet with costar Miley Cyrus ("I Thought I Lost You") -- was scheduled to present."

Thank goodness for that. Now if only Miley Cyrus would cancel just because I can't stand her.
You know, The Golden Globes has become my FAVORITE awards show over the past few years. Everyone seems so much more relaxed (read: alcohol on all of the tables). You never know what's gonna pop out of someone's mouth. That, and I love seeing EVERYONE--television and film folks all in one room.

I hear that Tom Cruise is bringing Katie's dad as his "date". I'm just gonna leave that one alone.

You can bet I'll be all over this expect more drooling over Brad and Angie. It's inevitable.

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