Sunday, March 1, 2009

Michelle Obama Doesn't Really Care for Oprah.

Hmmm. Not so much.

Oh Oprah. This is what happens when you parade around like you single-handedly got Barack Obama elected into the White House.

There are rumors speculating that First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA has had enough of talk show titan OPRAH WINFREY!

“Oprah marched into the White House with Gayle King in tow like she owned it,” an insider said when the chatty twosome arrived for an interview with Michelle.

“(Oprah) believes she played a major role in getting President Obama elected and expects to be treated like royalty when she calls on them.

“But Michelle had other ideas. She appreciates that Oprah endorsed her husband, but considers her role minor in getting him elected.”

This is some funny shit...

"Oprah's (cough, cough, wink, wink) BFF Gayle King interviewed Mrs. President for O recently at the White House. The First Lady was peeved when Oprah swept in like visiting royalty - ahead of Gayle - and presented her large, fleshy cheek for a greeting kiss. Michelle wasn't having any of that, and stepped back and stuck out her hand for a handshake, as proper protocol would dictate. "

Oprah? Simmer down and quit insinuating that you and Barack had a litlle sump-in sump-in goin' on during the campaign. Yeeesh.

"The First Lady has been irked by Oprah's self-grandeur since the days of the campaign trail. She's not fooled by Oprah's phony chumminess, either. She saw the way Oprah tried to flirt with her husband in front of the cameras. Throughout the interview Michelle made it a point to speak directly with Gayle and ignore her Royal Winfreyness, making her blood boil."

Ohman. How embarrassing.

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