Monday, June 1, 2009

MTV Movie Awards? No thank you.

Kristin (Sourpuss) Stewart,
from that dumb vampire movie

Back in the day (that's what we say now rather than, "why, back in my day" like an old biddy), I used to watch MTV. I loved the awards shows. When my boys, Hunter and Alex were in school, we always knew the MTV Video Awards were on when school started and the MTV Movie Awards were on when school let out. They were good back then...Chris Rock in 1999? The best awards show ever. Making fun of Ricky Martin? Good times.

So this show last night, from what I gather was about that lame-ass "Twilight" crap with those two surly actors, Kristin (Sourpuss) Stewart and Robert Pattinson. I don't find him attractive in the least, and she's a GD ungrateful little snip, who always is reportedly high on weed or something. (Remember the photo I posted of her lighting up her pipe on the front porch? Yeah. Awesome.)

Obviously, I didn't watch the show last night. I don't feel guilty or like it's something I was supposed to watch because I write a celebrity blog. Believe me, I can bitch about these people without seeing them half-ass promote their movies and act like drunk a-holes. I'm sure MTV will rerun the show and I may tune in for a minute or two until my hair catches fire, as its been known to do when I'm in a fury. All it will take is seeing that "Twilight" chick mumble her crabby way through her speech and drop her award in her drunken stupor, I guaran-effing-tee it. (She really did drop her award. Idiot.)

Okay. I'm ready for the Twihards to come and get me.


Annette said...

Haven't seen the movie but i did read the first book. It was ok -if i was 14 years old i would've loved it.....i seriously thought they'd messed up the casting when they chose those 2. Originally Stephanie Meyer wanted Henry Cavill to play Edward but he was too old by the time they started filming...such a shame.

Jilly said...

I tried to read the book...twice, just to see what all the hype was about. Got thru 30 pages. Piece. Of. Crap. AND a waste of time. Ugh.

Annette said...

Ha - True Jilly, but i still have a dopey romatically & sex starved kid in me so i kind of got it. And i suppose if i was the parent of an adolescent girl i'd rather she be reading that than the Jackie Collins (equally rubbish but with sex-scenes a plenty) i was reading when i was a kid.

Stuart said...

I just know every time I see a "Team Edward" shirt, I always think it's Haunted Mansion merchandise because the font is exactly the same. So what if it's a standard font face with very minor modifications, it's Mansion's font.

I just know that MTV's in a sad state when I, a 22 year old male, feels too old to watch their programming. Aren't I their target audience or something?