Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bo Has Arrived to the White House, Ya'll

Bo, The First (GAY) Dog

Oh, Bo. The Parade isn't until summertime, but thank you anyway, for wearing your gaysuit. Will you be throwing out doggie condoms off the float, too?

So today Sen. Ted Kennedy will trot out to the White House and present a "gift" (which he can't really do, due to all the gifting rules of the Presidency) to the Obamas. Portugese Water Dogs (Porties?) aren't be favorite breed--far from it. I tend to have an aversion to curly, greasy dogs. (I KNOW. Malia's allergic, blah blah blah!) I prefer a smooth coat, say a boxer or whippet?

ANYgay, let's all give a "haaaaayy" to welcome Bo as our First (gay) Dog, bitches!!

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