Monday, April 13, 2009

Quentin Tarantino to Mentor on "American Idol" Tomorrow Night!

Oscar-winning writer/director, Quentin Taratino

Oh, you guys. This is gonna be cooool. Quentin's gonna mentor "the kids" on Idol tomorrow night. He was a guest judge a couple of years ago (watch the Jennifer Hudson video below!).

I don't remember who even won Idol that season, but I do know it was the best thing for Jennifer that SHE didn't win. (It's terribly sad seeing her family rooting her on in the audience in this old clip, though, knowing the tragedy that took them from her.)

We know Quentin isn't a singer, but he has a fantastic knack of choosing the right music for his films, right? "Stuck In the Middle With You" during the torture scene in Reservoir Dogs? Bloody genius.

I can't wait to see him work with Miss Adam Lambert.

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