Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today's Blind Item...SUPER-EASY!

"This A list actress is more famous for one lucky television role than the truly awful acting she has done in movies. Well, she had a recent breakup. Her publicity machine cranked out every story it could to say she was the one who had done the breaking up with her singer boyfriend. Well, this may be true, but then why would the singer have to change his phone number and e-mail address after she wouldn't stop trying to contact him? When she couldn't reach the singer why would she start calling all of his friends to beg them for his number? What she is telling his friends is that she can't move on without some kind of closure." CDaN


Man, that's funny.


Lynn said...

Hey Diva - word to the wise. I've followed your comments on Evil Beet a bit, because we tend to agree and I usually find you funny.

That said, your last commnet on the Jimmy Fallon wife issue was my point of view exactly. My head's up to you is that "Ms Free Speech Evil B" has, clearly, unceremoniously banned me, for voicing the same point of view as your expressed. If you've been around evil beet for a while (and I have, been reading her a few years) you'll notice it's over run now by worshipping, just a head's up...she's likely to ban you if you state an honest opinion that differs with hers. Guess she's "big enough" to do that know. Anyway. Just my two cents for what they're worth, If you want to avoid being censored and banned without notice at EB.

I like your blog!! Lynn

DivaJulia said...

Oh, I fully expect to be banned. Psssh.

Thanks...and you're awesome. xoxo j