Sunday, April 26, 2009

Celebrities I REFUSE to Discuss...

Apparently, there is a show on MTV called, The Hills. It's been on for years. I've. Never. Watched. It. This pseudo-reality series has two "stars" who were married over the weekend and I really could not give a shit. I find this couple to be a complete waste of skin. They call the paps for photo-ops every time they go to Taco Bell or a gynocologist appointment, all for our interest and viewing pleasure.

Hell to the NO. I won't discuss those a-holes, nor will I post photos of their retarded wedding. They are posted all over the "internets", so I know you can find them somewhere.

Now I know there times where I say "I said I would never talk about so-and-so", but I mean it this time.

For reals, ya'll.

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