Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today is a rough day. A friend of Hunter's committed suicide a couple days ago. I found out last night, and had to tell Hunter the horrific news. We had known this boy since he and Hunter attended preschool together at the age of four. His name was Destry.
Destry was always smiling. I remember him spending the night at our house when the boys were young. He was so bright, sunny and polite. I can't say I kept up on his life throughout the years, but the last time I saw him (a few months back) I told him he looked exactly the same as he did in preschool. He threw his head back, laughed and gave me a big hug.
Are the signs of utter despair always noticeable? Are there always signs? Are there always cries for help? I've seen deep depression and felt it myself. I'm not hearing anything about this with Destry, which is making it all the more difficult to comprehend. I guess I tend to look for an explanation for events like these. A reason.
I just can't imagine what Destry's family is going through right now. My heart is very heavy.
Please take a moment to read Destry's memorial.
God bless you, Destry.


Annette said...

I think sometimes we don't see how incredibly fragile some people are. Very sad.

Wendie said...

Some people hide their pain very well. That makes my heart so heavy, too.

TL/DR said...

this is something that has totally rocked me to the core.