Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Elle Magazine: "Stars Sans Fards" and Seattle "Avec Fards"

Monica Belluci
Eva Herzigova

Sophie Marceau

Here in the States we call it "makeup" and I believe the Brits call it "slap"? French Elle Magazine's April issue is rather alarming, don't you think? I agree with the statement below that the women seem "vulnerable". It's as if without the stylists, make-up and ever-present Photoshop these lovely women seem more approachable; dare I even say, "real"? Thank you to my darling, Annette who lives in France for bringing this to my attention.

"The April issue of French Elle features eight female European celebrities--including Eva Herzigova, Monica Bellucci, Sophie Marceau, and Charlotte Rampling--all without makeup and, perhaps even more revealing, all entirely without Photoshopping or retouching of any kind. The mag's headline "Stars Sans Fards" translates to “without rouge/makeup,” but it's a French saying that also suggests a sense of “openness.”

Judging from the images that have been leaked so far (the entire issue hits newsstands later this week), this title could not be more apt. Model Herzigova, 36, and actresses Marceau, 42, and Bellucci, 44, all look refreshingly natural, relaxed, and vulnerable in a way American stars are seldom seen."

Completely Photoshopped - literally and figuratively.

Here's what I know: I felt far more comfortable with myself while Stephen and I were in Italy last fall. I felt good about my curves and didn't feel judged every damn time I walked out the door. I'm finding Seattle to be less and less friendly and open than I used to think--it's all about who is "cooler, younger and thinner". I think I'm burning out on the city I fell in love with. I still love the skyline and the culture Seattle has to offer, but the general population? Sadly, not as much as I once did.

It's odd, but this feeling crept up on me while on vacation in San Francisco last week. I commented to Stephen that I felt S.F. is far more liveable and much friendlier as a community than Seattle. Particularly the women. It was so refreshing to have a perfect stranger - a woman - start up a conversation out of the blue! (Good luck finding that in "I'm on my cellphone or have earbuds blasting" Seattle.) Local San Franciscans on their way home from work on the cable car were interested and helpful with tourists. I haven't experienced that sort of kindness around here in a long time. Since when did Seattle become too cool for school? It's bugging me.

Oh. This was supposed to be about "natural beauties" and "no Photoshopping".
I think "natural beauty" Seattle has been "Photoshopped".

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