Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today's Blind Item..J U I C Y

"This young couple went through a high-profile breakup. While both moved on to other relatia'llonships, she had always thought they would eventually reconcile and raise a family together. That fantasy has just been shattered. He just told her that he is getting engaged to someone else. While she is privately devastated, we're curious to see how she handles it in public. Hope she doesn't do anything drastic." [BlindGossip]
Ya'll really need to pay attention to the wording on these Blind Items...I know of a popstar whose life is a complete Circus who has fragrances with the names "Fantasy" and "Curious"...not sure why "relatia'llonships" (retaliation?) is spelled as such, but I'm sure there it's another clue. C'mon...this one's easy!