Saturday, April 18, 2009

George Harrison Receives Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

George's friends and family:
Eric Idle, Paul, Olivia, Tom and Dhani

Oh, George. My first crush. I was four years old when I fell in love with George Harrison, and he's the one true celebrity crush that endured all these many years. I still can't talk about his death of lung cancer at age 58. Too tragic and too early. He was just so beautiful and his songs with the Beatles were always my favorites. (And I have a son, Hunter, who bears a striking resemblance to my beloved George...)

George received his own Hollywood Walk of Fame star earlier this week. Paul McCartney (The Cute One, umm, not to me) showed up with Tom Petty, Tom and Rita Hanks and Eric Idle, as well as George's widow Olivia and gorgeous son, Dhani. I can't even believe how much Dhani looks and sounds like George.

Take a few minutes to enjoy this tribute to George's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by Dhani, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Prince, who performs a freakishly gorgeous guitar solo. Amazing.

My First Love
Dhani Harrison

Hunter, a bit of a Harrison resemblance?


Annette said...

Pfff - 'Hunter - you know that man you've been calling "Dad" all your life? Well......' say no more!

Jilly said...

OMG Julia!! That was amazing!! And yes, Hunter DOES look like Dhani!!