Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gavin Rossdale at The Showbox in Seattle April 14, 2009...Apparently there's still "no sex in your violence".

It's FANTASTIC at 4:25 of this video...the crowd

The ONE time I don't bring the camera (even though Stephen thought we should!), I didn't do it. Security didn't frisk anyone and cameras were freakin' EVERYWHERE. I had to wait most of the day today to find something on YouTube from last night's Gavin Rossdale's show at the Showbox at the Market to post here...and here it is.

Gavin was great. His voice hasn't changed at ALL since back in the 90's, and he was ON it. Honestly? I was't sure how good he'd be. I was totally thrilled with the show. What's kinda funny is that Stephen and I kept saying, "Oh, our days of being on the floor are OVER!" Then Gavin started into "Machinehead" (video from yesterday), and BOOM. I was down in front again. I went back to our seats (a nice table where we ate fish & chips that were good going down, but...later on, bleh) and watched a couple more songs. As soon as we heard the first chord of a gorgeous cover of "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac, we both went down front and there we stayed. Gavin played a lot of his own solo stuff, but ended with Bush classics like "Glycerine", a sentimental favorite of ours because Hunter sings it so beautifully (and Alex used to call him "Glycerine" since he played it so much, heh). The finale was another Bush classic, "Come Down".

I think Gavin's wife, Gwen (Stefani? Heard of her?) must've helped him with his movement on stage. He never used to dance around without a was great seeing that, rather than just the head bobbing/guitar playing from the 90's. But, that's what they all did back then, huh?

Again, I love the Showbox because it's small. I've seen so many great acts there (Velvet Revolver, Paolo Nutini, to name a couple) and it's the perfect venue.

Superfun show, ya'll.


Meli said...

So great! I'm seeing him next month in Orlando & can't wait :)

What did the set list look like?

DivaJulia said...

Meli--the majority was his solo work, which was awesome, but it's ALWAYS good to hear Bush. You'll LOVE him!

xoxo Thanks for reading! ~j