Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You Know It's Bad When You Actually DREAM About Lindsay and Samantha!

Is it really over?

Ohman. It finally happened. I had a very detailed dream about Lindsay and Sam last night. I was totally caught in the middle in terms of whose side I was on in this dream. I loved them both dearly. I felt a bit maternal toward Lindsay, but was mad-crushing on Sam. I helped them clean their car out--lots of empty booze bottles, half-empty beer bottles (which Lindsay kept chugging once she found them--no matter how flat and old the beer was), painting supplies (??), ciggie butts everywhere and bags and bags of garbage. Oh, and some drywall. Huh? In my dream, Sam had plumped up a bit, and I liked her better that way. She had a wicked sense of humor and kept making me laugh at inappropriate times, which are the best times for laughter, if you ask me. Make me laugh, and I'll fall in love with you, apparently.

I have no idea what this dream means. Probably just that I didn't write enough for the blog yesterday, particularly about Linds and Sam, seeing that Sam has kicked Lindsay to the curb--again. I think she means it this time, since she supposedly changed the locks on her house, and kept Lindsay from entering a party at the boozy Chateau Marmont Hotel in Hollywood.

I gotta say, Lindsay has been living a bit hard for being only 22 years old. She's been to rehab, what, twice? I've lost count of the car crashes and lawsuits.

US Magazine is reporting:

"In the newest issue of Us Weekly, Lindsay Lohan opens up about her heartbreaking split from Samantha Ronson, the "humiliating" weekend showdown with Ronson's family, and says that friends' fears she is suicidal are unfounded.
"It's absolute hell," Lohan told Us on Monday in a far-ranging interview over several lengthy phone calls and emails where she was agitated, crying and baffled by the turn of events.

Sources tell the magazine Ronson had repeatedly tried to break up with Lohan over the past month, but each time, "Lindsay threatens to kill herself -- she cares about her but wants out."

Lohan laughs upon hearing that, saying she's okay.

"I'm just really hurt!" she says. "The whole situation is sick."
I don't know what I'll do it these chicks can't just work it out. Lindsay is really only super-interesting to me because of Sam, after all.


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