Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birthday Vacation to San Francisco, Ya'll!!

Happy Birthday to me in San Francisco!

Oh, you guys, my darling and wonderful husband Stephen, surprised me with a trip to San Francisco this weekend for my birthday! We're leaving tomorrow morning and will be back Sunday night. I really don't plan on blogging during our time there, since we will be having such a great time ALONE. That means, no doggies.

You know how much I love my pups, HOWEVER. Today, James the boxer got my wrath. (Oh dear. The Seven Deadly Sins again...) After chasing him down the stairs yesterday and missing the third step of our deck--then falling on the cement and scraping and bruising my knee--one would think I would learn to put a leash on him. But, NO. So, today I was taking them potty (it was raining...REALLY??) and I just let them out back. James totally bolted...through the mud, gravel and then up to the neighbor's front door. As soon as I caught up to him, he damn near knocked me over and ran even further into the other neighbor's yard. By this time, I was yelling at him and cussing like a crazy mofo. I'm sure the neighbors thought I was yelling at a human being. "Fine! Run! See if I care, asshole!" (Who calls their dog that? I do when I'm all dressed to meet Patrick to spend the day in the city, goddamnit.) I finally caught up with James, grabbed him by the scruff and pulled the slippery, wet seal inside. SO NAUGHTY.

Patrick, snuggling with that naughty boxer, James.
I love this picture.

Ah yes. Patrick. He's going home to Palm Springs tomorrow after being up here in the wet, freezing Northwest for two months. I don't blame him for wanting to get the eff out of here. I can't take any more of this weather, I've said it before. Anyway, Patrick and I had a fantastic time, like we always do. We listened to Hunter's new song, "If U Only Knew" full blast in the car, got my "lashes did", then went to an early dinner at Icon Grille. We love it there and always seem to be the loud table--even though it's only just the two of us. It's just part of our charm--at least that's what we think. I know for a fact we annoy the crap out of family members, Patrick's former and current partner, but we don't care. We just don't.

I'll talk to ya'll when I get back. Have a great weekend, Loveys!!
xoxo ~j


Jilly said...

Oh have fun sweetie. I so loved the Icon grille myself...that IS where we went, right? The pretty place in the lobby of that sweet hotel?

The Zimmerman Gang said...

Have a great trip and a wonderful birthday!

Annette said...

Enjoy it and have a GREAT BIRTHDAY!

DivaJulia said...

Jilly, that was Oliver's in the Mayflower Park Hotel...and yes, I'm checking my blog in the lobby of our hotel in SF...I'm a goon.

Annette and Zimmerman Gang--THANK YOU!!

xoxo ~j