Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh, and Madonna's a Big, Fat, Clumsy Liar, Too.


Obviously, Madonna can do no wrong in Madonna's eyes, so of course it wasn't HER fault that she tumbled off her horse again--it was the paparazzi who "startled" the horsey. Uh huh. According to TMZ:

"We spoke with the photog who tells us he shot Madonna before and after she fell -- but was not there for the actual fall. He tells us he took pics of her riding and then left. About 30 minutes later, he says he got a tip about an ambulance being sent out for a 50-year-old woman -- so he put two and two together and went back to snap pics of her being tended to.He says all his photos were taken from a public road and the only other photog around was Stephen Klein -- the famous photographer whose house Madonna was at.As Hinton put it, "If I had startled the horse, I would have gotten pictures!"

Precisely. Don't you think he woulda made BANK from those shots?? Come ON, Madonna. You're an old clod who has no bidness on a horse and we all know it.

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KLo said...

You'd think she'd have learned after the last time she fell off a horse ...

(Note: I wouldn't be saying that if it was anyone but Madonna ... sorry if that makes me a hypocrite, but I cannot stand that woman)