Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today's (Gross) Blind Item.

"Three directors. All A list. Each has had multiple #1 movies. Well I have written about them in this space before and some of their really bad behavior. This one though might even top what I wrote before. Last summer one of them took a trip to Thailand where he enjoyed the services of several women who make their living the old fashioned way. He enjoyed one of them so much that he arranged for her to get a visa so she could intern at his production company. Of course the only thing she was doing was continuing what she had been doing for him back in Thailand. Well, of course the director had to share the good news with the other two. They promptly did the same hing. After three months, they send the women back to Thailand and get brand new ones. If they did the same trick here, one of the women might spill to a tabloid, but with these women they don't have to worry about it. Or so they think." [CDaN]

This is some sort of disgusting behavior. It may be even illegal--prostitution? Human trafficking? (GASP! Hollywood a-holes involved in ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES? Whaaaa?)

My guesses: Quentin Taratino and Oliver Stone have certain, um, preferences in their women. And Brett Ratner, Michael Bay and some other sleazes could be #3.


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