Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gavin Rossdale @ The Showbox Tonight, Ya'll!

Oh, 1996. Those were the days, man. Gavin was sooo purrdy. Stephen and I are going to see him tonight at The Showbox, which is probably my favorite club in Seattle. Many a good time I have had at this Seattle classic. (Talking like Yoda, why am I?)

Anyway. Once we purchased our tickets from the rapist known as Ticketmaster, I found out Paul Weller (Poooul Wellah, as I call him in my naughty Brit accent) was coming to town TOMORROW. Goddamnit. He's a Legend. Sigh. So here's a video of "The Changing Man" for your viewing pleasure. And mine.

Cheers Annette and Carter!

Gavin's another naughty Brit...and I know it'll be a great show. Review tomorrow, mmkay?

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