Friday, April 24, 2009

Sam and Linds Together Again?!?

Lindsay's skinniness at Sam's Clubhouse!

Please, oh please, oh PUHLEEEZ let this be true:

"Seen here arriving at Samantha Ronson's house, Lindsay Lohan might be back in the good graces of her gargoyle love, according to Us Magazine:
It's the same mansion where Lohan, 22, used to live with Ronson, 30, -- before the DJ had the locks changed following their breakup and Chateau Marmont blowout photographers described Lohan as appearing "calm...[but] happy." They spent about six hours together.That same afternoon, Ronson changed her relationship status on Facebook to "It's complicated."

You're goddamned right, "it's complicated". Did you SEE Lindsay on "Ellen" yesterday? HOT FIDGETY MESS. OhmyLord, Lindsay was blabbing endlessly about her, um, "career", the tabloids (and how she's "sooo not interesting"--I beg to differ) and her surprise (?) break-up with Samantha Ronson. Enjoy the nut-fest:

My guess is that Sam saw this and realized just how much she missed all of the intellectual discussions she and Linds used to have--that, and the Crazy with a capital C.

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