Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back From San Francisco, Ya'll, and I'm Sweaty...

from a good long pup walk. It was GORGEOUS in S.F. and we came back to equally beautiful weather here in Seattle! Yeah, you heard me right: IT'S SUNNY AND WARM IN SEATTLE TODAY. Don't worry, I'll be all morose tomorrow when the goddamn rain returns, which is predicted.

First of all, I need to thank all of my darling and lovely mates (friends, for those of you who don't feign being British as I do) for the sweet birthday wishes. The big day was actually yesterday, so it was a nice long celebration. Can I just tell you what a perfect travel companion my husband Stephen is? For someone like me (nutty and tightly wound), the feeling of no stress is like a miracle--and he provides that for me. This past year has been a tough one emotionally for me, but my sweet man does everything in his power to see that I am emotionally safe. I had never known that feeling in my life until I met Stephen. Baby, I love you with all my heart.

Awwww. Stephen and me on the S.F, Wharf

Handsome Stephen

I realize other people's vacation are totally honk-shooooo, but here are a few anyway (hearing the deafening sound of clicking to other websites...). I like to photograph unusual subjects, people and not always just the typical tourist-y shots (even though there are a few...):

Little boy in Chinatown
Apartment with mural in Chinatown
Old World/New World
Chicken feet, anyone?
Cherry blossoms in Union Square

Enough said.

Lamppost in Chinatown

I had to photograph this stunning woman

Coit Tower viewed from the cable car

One of many hearts in San Francisco

Okay, I'll get back to work on the gossip and such...I missed you all!!

xoxo ~j


Annette said...

Glad you're back safe & sound - been missing you! PC keeps cutting out driving me nuts ...Grrrrr but online long enough to appreciate your lovely photos.

Jilly said...

Glad ur back and that u had a wonderful time. Happy belated b-day, by the way!! Your pix are beautiful, as always!! Love me some San Francisco.