Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Own "Sans Fard" (See Latest French Elle Magazine) Dare--WHERE ARE YOUR PICS?

Hello? I'm still waiting for YOUR pictures "sans fard" (without make-up, slap, whatever you choose to call it), like the French Elle Magazine is promoting this month, so I can post 'em here! I have a couple--and one from a lovely bloke "avec fard", that I WILL post.

What are ya'll waitin' fer?

**UPDATE** Still waiting for a few more! C'MON!


Annette said...

Go on then... post mine - i look like a monster. But only if you censor any mean comments that get posted after!!

cartermagna said...

Woah there Chester! [...]one from a lovely bloke "avec fard", that I WILL post. You *WILL* post? I know I'm trying to work a double identity here but the lack of glasses and addition of purple eye liner and a dress is not going to count as a suitable disguise.

Hang fire until I get that scanner sorted out and you can have a field day on Facebook with the rest of my mates.

DivaJulia said...

God, you're SUCH a big baby!!