Monday, April 13, 2009

MAJOR BACKPEDAL. The Objectum Sexuals Irritate Me.

My original post about these Nuts (with a capital N) indicated my "empathy" for these women. I'M TAKING THAT STATEMENT BACK. What happened was that I only saw the last half-hour of the show on BBCA, and therefore, jumped the gun on my feelings and resulting blog. So now I'm going to be a judgmental mofo. Here goes:

I watched "I Married the Eiffel Tower" in its entirety yesterday. (Happy Easter!) I heard myself actually yelling at the TV this time. "Oh, so you were molested? Get an eating disorder and a bottle of Prozac like the rest of us, sister!" See for yourself why my hair erupted into flames:

Hold onto your effing hat. Or fence. Or church banister. Or Twin Tower model. Yeeesh.

I wish to God I could unsee and unhear this chick's description of her "love" of the carnival ride. How 'bout ya'll? Jesus H.

Next up? "My Car is My Lover" Thursday night. Awesome.

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